WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes

I didn’t have to worry about all the instructions concerning focus, perspective, etc. in the challenge this week, because my photo has only one object in it — other than the floor beneath it.  This is my new welcome rug. It represents a huge aspect of “the world through my eyes,” because I love the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and I have one of the greatest love affairs with chocolate the world has ever known.

Coffee and Chocolate are terrific comfort foods, and recent medical studies have proven both of them to be extremely beneficial to our physical health. I chose this rug for my front door entrance because, to me, nothing says, “Welcome” better than a steaming, fragrant cup of coffee and the thick, rich sweetness of great chocolate.  ENJOY!



16 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes

  1. Eye Surgery Monday AM. Yeah! (you can erase this, just wanted to let you know.Can hardly see to work on blog or emails.Please keep me in your prayers.)

    1. Yep — you can pretty much count on both around the clock. So if you ever get to the States, be sure and come visit. The “welcome” mat is always out for you, Gilly!

    1. Well, you see, Gerry here’s what you do if you want to watch your waistline: Go outside and take a 3-mile walk. Then, when you come back, you step onto this lovely rug and know it’s okay to give in to the call of the coffee and chocolate. You have already used up all those calories in your walk, and now you can enjoy your reward with no guilt.

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