My Incorrect Response to Sonel’s Unusual Angles Photo Challenge

I must apologize for an error on this post. I got my original connection to this challenge through another blogger, and even though I did go to Sonel’s site, I evidently misunderstood the full requirement of the challenge. All of the photos in this challenge are SUPPOSED to have been edited and shown with the original and the edited versions together. I somehow got the idea that the editing was optional, and none of these have been edited except the last one. I won’t change all of them now, but at least if anyone else is considering getting involved, you know that you should pay better attention to the details of the challenge than I did.






Visit Sonel’s site to learn about the challenge:





14 thoughts on “My Incorrect Response to Sonel’s Unusual Angles Photo Challenge

    1. Actually, yes, he knew he was being photographed at the time. He also knew it was my way of getting even for the fact that he tricked me into helping clean up this mess that he’s bent over — although you can’t actually see it. It’s too long a story to tell here, but it was all done in fun,and I had no idea until I looked at the picture just how funny it was.

      A year later, I posted the picture on my Facebook page and asked if anyone could identify him. I offered a free copy of one of my books to anyone who could. There were only two people who recognized him from that angle. He got a kick out of it. But the funniest part was that an acquaintance from another state who really wanted one of my books asked another friend from my home state if she could identify my friend in the picture. She could and did. So the man from out of state was able to tell me the man’s name and win the book.

      About six months later, the man from out of state was here visiting, and I was able to introduce him to the man in the picture. My friend in the picture got a big kick out of making an issue of turning around to let the visitor make sure he recognized him from the back side.

  1. Very interesting angles and such lovely shots Sandra and that doll is so adorable, but where are the edited photo’s? With this challenge you must post the original and the edited version. 😀
    Thanks for sharing though. 🙂

    1. Ooooops, I didn’t realize I had to edit them as well. I got the connection from Bob’s site “Northwest Photography,” and he didn’t show an edited shot,so I guess I thought the editing was optional. Sorry about that. I’ll add an explanation to my post. The last picture in this post was edited. It’s turned upside down from the original photo, so maybe I can squeeze by with that one.

      1. No problem hon and I haven’t seen Bob’s post. Maybe he just mentioned it but did not link to the entry. 🙂

        That last picture would be just fine. Thanks so much. 😀

        1. I changed my title to say it’s my “Incorrect” Response to your challenge, and I added a note encouraging people to pay better attention to the details than I did. Thanks for letting me know.

          Maybe I’ll try again next time and do it right.

        1. Oh it’s not your fault. I read about the editing on your site, but I think perhaps since I hadn’t seen it on his, I just didn’t think it through in my own mind. I didn’t have much time before I left for work, but it was such a fun idea that I wanted to try to take part. Unfortunately, being in a hurry caused me to take less care than I normally would have.

          1. LOL! No problem Sandra. We all have those days and I have a lot of them, so don’t worry. 😀

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