Friday Fictioneers – 9/12/14 – Narcissus

I’m going to try to jump back into Friday Fictioneers today with a poem. If you’d like to join in and write your own 100-word story/poem based on the picture below, hop over and check out the details. Today’s picture is courtesy of Janet Webb.



It’s true you quicken heartbeats when you enter rooms.
And every girl around competes for you.
The wilting sighs escape when you are passing by,
And “gorgeous” comes to mind describing you.

Your smile – it’s dazzle ‘lectrifies fair maiden hearts,
Your voice – it has a timbre all its own.
And when you stay away, we girls all miss you so;
That you return to find our love has grown.

But all our smiles and sighs have no effect on you.
And year by year you manage to stay free.
Well, I, for one, know why you never choose a love:
You’re lost in love with what your mirror sees.





22 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – 9/12/14 – Narcissus

  1. Dear Sandra,

    I’ve known a couple of guys who fit this description. The funny thing about N’s is that they hit a certain age and start unraveling. I’d feel sorry for them if they weren’t such…well you know.

    Nicely done.



    1. Thanks, Rochelle. I haven’t known very many of this type personally, but I’ve known plenty of other screwballs. Men are so easily deceived, it seems, and that makes them hard to deal with. Ho-hum. Can’t live with them, but can’t live without them …….

    1. Okay, I really did laugh out loud. Thanks for the compliment on the poem, and as to the question: I can only say I don’t know you well enough to answer it. That will let me off the hook, won’t it?

  2. gee, I could have sworn that was about me — until the last stanza. 🙂
    BTW – someone stole the image from my mirror and replaced it with an old, grey headed fat guy. I’ve posted a reward for the return of my young, handsome image, but so far no one has stepped forward.

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