Friday Fictioneers — 10/2/15 — ‘Humpty Dumpty’

Hurray,  I’m doing the Friday Fictioneers challenge this week. Just can’t seem to get it in every week, but I do like to take part when I can. If you’d like to join in and write a 100-word story based on this picture — by Marie Gayle Stratford — just follow the link to Rochelle’s place for the easy instructions.





Trying to look casual, he wiggled across the desk. Sherry, his owner, was on break. This was his only chance if he were ever going to connect with that hot pink number over on Wally’s desk. Wow, she was something else!

He was looking cool in his blue striped suit; she’d be impressed.

Whew!  This was hard work, but he was almost to the edge. Then came the dangerous part, but, hey, a mouse had to do what a mouse had to do. Love was worth the risk.

“Okay … at the edge. Now, one big jump, and …”

“Hey, Sherry, your mouse just fell in the floor and broke into a dozen pieces!”





20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers — 10/2/15 — ‘Humpty Dumpty’

    1. I’m not very astute when it comes to technical terms, so I don’t know about that possibility, but the literary term is ‘personification,’so I’ll stick with that. At least I’m sure I can spell that one and pronounce it right.

    1. Thank you, Rochelle. And yes, I’m very familiar with that song. I’ve always loved it, and, in fact, wrote a story concerning that song a little over a year ago and made it part of a writing challenge on my site. Then in a couple of my writing classes, I also assigned the same exercise that involved writing a story that included 4 specific things — one of which was a wooden Indian. One of my students took up the idea of Kaw-Liga as well, and she wrote a cute little story too. I’ll give you the links to mine and to hers, just in case you want to check them out, but please know that I understand being busy and trying to blog at the same time, so I won’t think anything of it if you don’t have time to bother with them.

      This is mine:

      And here’s Jo’s:

      For a wooden Indian, ol’ Kaw-Liga certainly does get around!

  1. That sounds like me. Every time I tried to act cool and impress a girl I tripped over my own two feet (or worse, hers) and embarrassed myself. At least I didn’t fall completely to pieces. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I got the idea for the ‘hot pink number’ from my own wireless mouse. A friend bought it for me. I would never have chosen that color, but she’s more “out there” than I am. As far as laughing at the mouse, I know what you mean.I felt guilty for having him die. I tried to figure out a way to give him a happy ending, but it took too many words.

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