First Poem of the Year

newyears_7_bg_123102Ho!  The new year is upon me!
Its first poem must be penned.
I have a new beginning,
And I must to it attend.

Oh, I do not take it lightly
That I have another chance
To reach for goals before me,
To learn a brand new dance.

To dream some happy new dreams,
To reach out loving hands
And touch new hearts with my love,
To help my fellow man.

Ho! The new year is upon me!
It’s running swift and free.
So I must ply both heart and soul
To give it all of me.


9 thoughts on “First Poem of the Year

  1. Thanks, Sandra. Yes, it’s here and I want to “give it all of me.” New challenges and blessings are before us. Lord bless your new year.

  2. I read your “First Poem of the Year” in our group in your absence.They all clapped and expressed their appreciation for your thoughts on the new year. I did not do it the justice it deserved when I read it. Great Expectations are upon us all. Thanks.

    1. Hey, thanks, Ed. Max had said he wanted me to bring it, and I figured if I couldn’t be here in person, I could at least send it along on its own. I appreciate your taking care of it.

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