Prompt Nights 12 — Earth Day

GLOBE WITH SMILEYIn honor of “Earth Day” Sanaa, the hostess of “Prompt Nights” has asked us to share a poem about one of the specific elements (wind, water, fire, or earth).  And since I missed last week, I’ll share two poems this week to make up for it: one focusing on rain; the other on wind.

Also, I know I’m going against the tide in my offerings today. I can’t seem to muster a poem that bewails the supposition that man is destroying this planet.  I just do not believe that’s true, so don’t expect poetry from me that goes there. Instead, whimsy is my bent today, so I’m offering a light-hearted look at the short, but significant life of a raindrop and the longer and more powerful life of the wind.


I am a raindrop.

And I’m looking for place to plop.
I’m falling quickly and cannot stop.

I don’t know where I’d like to be,
But I definitely don’t want to land in the sea.

You see, if I were to land in the sea,
It would be so anti-climactic for me;

I would lose my personal identity,
Even I would no longer recognize me.

No, I must find some place solid instead.
Perhaps on a daisy in a flower bed,

Or a plant so parched it’s almost dead,
Or the page of a book that’s being read.

I must decide as fast as I can,
I’m falling quickly toward some folks on the sand.

So many are out there just getting a tan.
Hello, there, little bald-headed man!

His head sure was tempting, but then a breeze blew,
And drove me off course; what am I to do?

Oh, I see it! I see it! My target’s in view!
Get ready; get ready; I’m landing on you!




I blow where I will, and no one can still
My movement.

I rustle the trees and gust where I please
Each moment.

I sweep ‘cross the plains and often drive rain
In torrents.

Raging through canyons, I roar with abandon
And torment.

But sometimes I play; come April or May,
I’m a teaser.

On soft summer nights enrobed in moon’s light,
I’m a pleaser.

I’m gentle and warm, and sweethearts I charm
Into romance.

Then on to the fall, with crisp breeze I call
Leaves to dance.

I carry the scents: burning leaves, bonfires spent
Ripened fruit.

But I bring colder days, frigid nights on the way;
Find those boots.

For I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and the tempts will be tough;
I’ll bring snow.

Though the drifts may be bad, children’s hearts will be glad:
School’s a “no.”

Through the rafters I’ll sing, and my bite – it will sting,
For a while.

But in no time at all, I will bring springtime’s thaw;
Gardens smile.

I lift birds on the wing, and the song that I sing –
It brings rest.

I am wind, and I’m thrilled that I cannot be stilled;
I am blessed.





16 thoughts on “Prompt Nights 12 — Earth Day

  1. Oh Sandra 🙂 I so appreciate the fact that you wrote two poems.. both delightful in their verse.. such a wonderfully light hearted vibe you have created here 😀 Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support 🙂

    Lots of love,

  2. Both lovely poems. I especially loved the rhythm of the wind poem. The counterpoint of long and short lines was very much like the way wind comes in gusts.

  3. Love them both, but the Raindrop is my favorite. Sometimes, like the raindrop, you have to make split decisions. 🙂
    You’re welcome, for the reviews. Glad I could help.

  4. However long our planet lasts, I’m sure the raindrops and the wind will be able to do much good! I enjoyed your lovely, light-hearted poems.

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