Prompt Nights 12 — Earth Day

GLOBE WITH SMILEYIn honor of “Earth Day” Sanaa, the hostess of “Prompt Nights” has asked us to share a poem about one of the specific elements (wind, water, fire, or earth).  And since I missed last week, I’ll share two poems this week to make up for it: one focusing on rain; the other on wind.

Also, I know I’m going against the tide in my offerings today. I can’t seem to muster a poem that bewails the supposition that man is destroying this planet.  I just do not believe that’s true, so don’t expect poetry from me that goes there. Instead, whimsy is my bent today, so I’m offering a light-hearted look at the short, but significant life of a raindrop and the longer and more powerful life of the wind.


I am a raindrop.

And I’m looking for place to plop.
I’m falling quickly and cannot stop.

I don’t know where I’d like to be,
But I definitely don’t want to land in the sea.

You see, if I were to land in the sea,
It would be so anti-climactic for me;

I would lose my personal identity,
Even I would no longer recognize me.

No, I must find some place solid instead.
Perhaps on a daisy in a flower bed,

Or a plant so parched it’s almost dead,
Or the page of a book that’s being read.

I must decide as fast as I can,
I’m falling quickly toward some folks on the sand.

So many are out there just getting a tan.
Hello, there, little bald-headed man!

His head sure was tempting, but then a breeze blew,
And drove me off course; what am I to do?

Oh, I see it! I see it! My target’s in view!
Get ready; get ready; I’m landing on you!




I blow where I will, and no one can still
My movement.

I rustle the trees and gust where I please
Each moment.

I sweep ‘cross the plains and often drive rain
In torrents.

Raging through canyons, I roar with abandon
And torment.

But sometimes I play; come April or May,
I’m a teaser.

On soft summer nights enrobed in moon’s light,
I’m a pleaser.

I’m gentle and warm, and sweethearts I charm
Into romance.

Then on to the fall, with crisp breeze I call
Leaves to dance.

I carry the scents: burning leaves, bonfires spent
Ripened fruit.

But I bring colder days, frigid nights on the way;
Find those boots.

For I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and the tempts will be tough;
I’ll bring snow.

Though the drifts may be bad, children’s hearts will be glad:
School’s a “no.”

Through the rafters I’ll sing, and my bite – it will sting,
For a while.

But in no time at all, I will bring springtime’s thaw;
Gardens smile.

I lift birds on the wing, and the song that I sing –
It brings rest.

I am wind, and I’m thrilled that I cannot be stilled;
I am blessed.





16 thoughts on “Prompt Nights 12 — Earth Day

  1. Oh Sandra 🙂 I so appreciate the fact that you wrote two poems.. both delightful in their verse.. such a wonderfully light hearted vibe you have created here 😀 Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support 🙂

    Lots of love,

  2. Love them both, but the Raindrop is my favorite. Sometimes, like the raindrop, you have to make split decisions. 🙂
    You’re welcome, for the reviews. Glad I could help.

  3. However long our planet lasts, I’m sure the raindrops and the wind will be able to do much good! I enjoyed your lovely, light-hearted poems.

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