Unpredictable Eunice – her name:
For changing her mind was her game.

She’d start out the day wearing blue;
Then change when the day was half through.

She’d order a meal on a date,
But then, asking the waiter to wait,
She would dither and dather and hop
From entree to entree, then stop
And request her original dish.
That she’d go home was her waiter’s wish.

When it came to the men in her life,
She was asked to be several men’s wife,
But she just couldn’t make up her mind,
And each man did eventually find,
When he looked up the aisle for his bride,
She had run to another man’s side.

Oh, poor Eunice; she wasn’t well liked,
And folks thought her quite curiously psyched.

But each one could predict accurately —
Could bet money and win frequently —
That when Eunice had made up her mind,
She would change it again in no time.

Unpredictable Eunice — her name.
And she’ll never change that: What a shame!


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