Daily Post Writing Challenge: Starting Over

Sometimes “starting over” is as simple as letting go of something that has been usurping one’s focus and direction for too long. That’s the subject of this original poem.



Let him go.
It’s time to admit you’ve been a fool
And take possession back of your own soul.

At first encounter
You saw the good was mixed with bad.
The right choice then, by now, would make you glad.

But foolish child,
You were intrigued, so closer crept
And threw out counsel that you should have kept.

“Do not touch.”
Three words so easy to understand;
Unguardedly, you opened both your heart and hand.

It’s harder now,
But still you have to make the choice.
And this time listen to the wiser voice.

You are in love,
But such a love that’s unrequited
Just leaves the soul living life one-sided.

Even if,
In truth, he shared the love you feel,
The danger of forbidden fruit is real.

Let him go.
And pray the feelings soon will die.
To hope for more would be to live a lie.

Let him go.

© 2011 Sandra Conner

To join in the challenge, find the rules at this link:

6 thoughts on “Daily Post Writing Challenge: Starting Over

    1. You know, it did occur to me after I posted this poem that there just might be someone out there who needed to hear that advice.

      I actually wrote this to myself a couple years ago — and I took the advice as well. Been much happier ever since.

  1. Absolutely Sandra, letting go of something expired is certainly free-ing for the soul! Scary @ 1st, but definitely brighter & more vivid colours ahead! 😉 Learnt this too: Whatever doesn’t kill us will make us stronger, & certainly wiser! :))

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