Digging Through My ‘Love’ Archive

HEARTS - COLLECTION W. BLUEIt’s Valentine’s week, so I thought it was time to make another visit to my archives. This time I sifted through all the ordinary stuff and dug around until I found the posts that had something to say about LOVE.  I found bunches of them, but I chose 14 of my favorites to share one more time. (The number 14, of course, is in honor of Valentine’s Day being the 14th of the month.) I’ve posted the links to them below. Hope you find some of them to your taste and get a little shot of love to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day:

# 1:  For Love of Bernadette

# 2:  The Flood

# 3:  Love Will Find a Way

# 4: Hatred & War Cannot Quench Love

#5:  Love Song 

#6: Blessed Invasion

#7: Love Through The Eyes of Opie Taylor

# 8: Touched

# 9:  Love Letters: 574 and counting

# 10: Valediction to a Passing Love

# 11: Love On The Line

# 12: Behind the Scene: One Act Play

 # 13:  Focused: A One-Act Play to Lighten Your Day

# 14: Birth of a Hero


5 thoughts on “Digging Through My ‘Love’ Archive

    • Yes, you probably have. I think you and I have been blogging buddies since I started my “Hangin’ Out With God” blog, and that was about 5 years ago. But I’ve picked up more than 100 new followers this past year, and most new people don’t venture back very far into the past posts, so I thought this was a good excuse to feature some of them again. Thanks for being my friend on here. It’s made my blogging experience so much nicer.

    • Well, I think we became blogging buddies way back when I started my first blog: “Hangin’ Out With God,” so that was even before this one. But I went ahead and shared these because I’ve picked up more than a hundred new followers this past year, and I thought they might enjoy them. Most new readers don’t go very far back into old posts to read. Thanks for checking them out, though.

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