Just sittin’ here wishin’
That I could go fishin’
That way I’d be missin’
Doin’ all this here work.
But iffen’ I was fishin’,
There’d be no commission;
Room and board I’d be missin’;
So this work I can’t shirk.



4 thoughts on “Wishin’

    • Well, since I had been trying to do a new header photo and new colors of text to match, and they won’t let us do that anymore, I figured I might as well just get something totally new and start from scratch with new technique. I like it alright for a change, but I’ll have to live in it a while before I decide if I’m keeping it for very long.

      Actually, I got an e-mail after I had changed themes saying one of the technicians had figured out a way to give me a special plan to be able to change my header color for a limited period of time. I thanked him, of course, but I had already made the change, and besides the problem I had was on all four blogs, not just this one. So I may eventually change themes on those too. We’ll see. But he’s looking into trying to eventually fix the situation for everyone I think. That will be good.

      Now, you need to get busy and right a story, Mr. Gerry!!!!!!!!!! I’m waiting!!!!! (Just can’t keep the teacher from coming out in me.)

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