Prompt Nights: Valentine’s Day Special

Well, it’s only natural that the topic for this week should be “love.”  I decided to offer up one serious piece and one not-so-serious (make that totally irreverent) piece. I’m sure you’ll be able to decide which is which. And you might as well hop over to “A Dash of Sunny” and take part in this week’s challenge.



Like a stream running through the mountains,
Like a cool wind sweeping o’er the plains,
Like a river rushing to the ocean,
Like blood coursing through the veins,

Like a current running through a cable,
Like a song swirling through the mind,
Like inspiration flowing through the poet,
Like compassion coursing through the kind,

So love for you is running through my soul,
Super-charging me; causing me to grow,
Reminding me that loving makes us whole.




I have not loved you well,
Nor have I loved you long.
So it is with no strong regret
I sing this parting song.

Your passage through my life
Has barely touched my soul,
So mourning will not weigh me down.
In fact, I feel quite whole.

Adieu, my love, adieu.
I bid you fond goodbye.
And at your grave, for memory’s sake,
A few tears I will cry.




9 thoughts on “Prompt Nights: Valentine’s Day Special

  1. It is amazing how being in love does run through us like a river to make us grow, giving us and impetus to do things for each other that we wouldn’t have thought possible before. The valediction poem on the other hand is brutally honest with more sadness with the reader than the writer!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. And, of course, I’m happy to say that I’ve never experienced the emotions (or lack thereof) expressed in the “Valediction.” I wrote it a few years ago for a specific writing challenge, and it popped back into my mind for this one, so I thought I’d let it see the light of day again. The first piece, on the other hand, expresses my own experience more than once in my life, and for that I’m enormously grateful.

  2. Aiiiyeiiiyaaa!❤️💜 Girl you’ve got such contrast flowing through both these poems sigh one speaks of passion and ardent love while other boasts of indifference and calm! Especially love “Like a current running through a cable, like a song swirling through the mind” and in absolute awe of “So mourning will not weigh me down. In fact, I feel quite whole.” Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support❤️💜

    Lots of love,

    1. Thanks for stopping by and adding to the fun with your article. If you’d also like to participate in the challenge itself, just follow the link to it that I’ve put in this post, and when you get there, scroll down the page until you come to a little blue button that says “Mr Linky.” Click on that and add the address of your article as a link into the windows. That will allow the others who are taking part to see where your article is.

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