Cinquain On the Brain

Courtesy of Jon at (Edited for post)

Courtesy of Jon at (Edited for post)


Black storm clouds roll.
Wind-driv’n waves hurled at land.
But high on knoll, sentry stands firm:



You call,
And, servant like,
I run to do your wish.
‘Twill always be, and all I ask:
Your kiss.



Please take
My hand in yours.
It’s warm and strong and sure,
And when you hold mine tight, I’m not


4 thoughts on “Cinquain On the Brain

    • Thank you. I sometimes ask myself why I love Cinquain so much, and I think I’ve figured out at least part of the reason: My life requires me to work several jobs, and I’m always having to do so many things at the same time that I live a somewhat cluttered and disorganized existence. A whole lot of things get worked on but not finished in any given day, and with Cinquain, the short form and minimum rules let me start, finish, and even edit a piece all at one time. Being able to COMPLETE something in the same hour that I started it is so exhilarating.

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